Bauhaus Air Purifier Concept is a marriage of art and function

BAUHAUS Air Purifier Concept Design Details

Bauhaus design style has always been about combining beautiful art with function. They say a good design is both aesthetic and functional and this Bauhaus Air Purifier concept delivers functional design with an artsy industrial form.

This is only a concept design, but it is a perfect example of the brand’s “simple yet sophisticated” design philosophy. This air purifier concept wants us to focus on simple shapes and colors. It shows off ultimate modernity using circles, lines, and squares–all while offering impressing air purifying performance.

Designer: Keereem Lee

BAUHAUS Air Purifier Design

Concept BAUHAUS Air Purifier

The air purifier project was based on a Bauhaus poster that showed a combination of colors and basic figures. The sharing and arrangement of the elements result in a friendly and attractive retro-modern look. The air purifier appears to be like the 3D version of the Bauhaus poster, so you can say this is design coming to life.

The technical specs of the Bauhaus Air Purifier aren’t listed, but since it is from the brand, it would be able to perform well. It doesn’t look like those boring air purifiers we see in the market and have become popular, especially in the past two years of the pandemic. This air purifier can be customized in terms of colors, depending on the owner’s preference. It has a unique style and layout that you can’t find in any other air purifier. It boasts an industrial design that can fit most home interiors. There is a vent hole underneath the round part of the air purifier.

BAUHAUS Air Purifier

Color options include Forest Sunlight which is more dark green like the forest, offering a more relaxing environment. The Rapeseed Flower version shows off the brightness of rapeseed flowers dancing to the wind during the spring breeze in Jeju Island. Pure Snow delivers the pureness of white snow without any trace of footprints. Finally, silent Night is dark gray, showing odd the tranquility of darkness and refreshing night air.

BAUHAUS Air Purifier Concept

BAUHAUS Air Purifier Design Render

BAUHAUS Air Purifier Design Concept

BAUHAUS Air Purifier Concept Image

Just looking at the Bauhaus Air Purifier will inspire any creative or artistic person. It also offers an intuitive design with the placement of the buttons. There is a power button, fan intensity, auto button, timer (1/3/5 hrs), and double mode.

Designer Keereem Lee is no stranger to us. He was the one who introduced the Waiter microwave. We want to see both designs become a reality someday because they are really smart and innovative. You know the designer really knows design as he was able to offer outstanding aesthetics and function that design-savvy people want to see go into production.

BAUHAUS Air Purifier Concept Design