A wearable for travellers that doubles as a health monitor brings back the pocket watch in style

Smart wristwatches are found dime a dozen. But to everyone’s surprise, smart pocket watches are a thing and the smart version of these timepieces for the pocket has gained a foothold in the niche market. A charm for collectors, these intricate devices have always left me fascinated. No wonder, when I came across the Cue – a concept for a smart pocket watch – I couldn’t help but share the idea.

Once a standard, pocket watches have stood the test of time in spite of the wristwatches becoming that fascinating standard since the mid-20th century. The wristwatches are a major revenue bed for watchmakers but even though watches have become mainstream for the better part of a century now, pocket watches have not died out. In fact, these classics have gained more attraction and found a niche market.

Designer: Rahul G M

Tapping into that market with a touch of modern-day gimmickry; Indian designer Rahul has conceived the idea of a feature-rich pocket watch every adventurer would want to have handy when venturing into the wild. Designed with features to allow travelers to navigate better, track their daily activities, and keep tabs on their health, the minimalistic yet powerful Cue can send out emergency SOS alerts and even remind the user of medication time when traveling.

Staying true to the idea of a pocket watch from yesteryears, the Cue has a nice circular design outfitted with a solitary button. The button onboard can be used for switching the watch on/off or for activating the SOS service. The functioning of the button is dependent upon the way you intact with it. A click turns the device on or off, a seven-second long press opens the menu, while a long press of 15 seconds opens up the SOS slider (which can be toggled at will).

The Cue is available in a range of colors, has a nice digital dial, compass, and other abovementioned functionalities. It can even be mounted to your bike or backpack or carried in your pocket for convenience. If you have a compact and handy travel companion, that’s accurate at navigating your home or keeping a check on your medication, on your buying list, the Cue could be that companion for your next outing on the untrodden paths.