This multifunctional coatrack made from wood and metal finds flexibility through a minimalist design

Acrobat is a multifunctional storage piece that combines the safekeeping components of an entryway table with the hanging function of a coatrack.

As we continue to downsize our living spaces, the more multifunctional our furniture is, the better. Smaller spaces don’t necessarily have to mean less living space. Multifunctional furniture helps make more room for living while taking care of a lot of our household tasks. We usually have our own system of arranging EDC items like key rings, wallets, and phones.

Entryway tables and coat racks usually take the brunt of those organizational needs, so finding multifunctionality in their design is key to keeping our homes decluttered. Acrobat, a multifunctional coat rack designed by João Teixeira, combines the storage components of an entryway table with those of a coatrack.

Designer: João Teixeira

Designing Acrobat, Teixeira hoped to find flexibility through the principles of minimalism. The team behind Acrobat hoped to achieve a unique, sophisticated design while keeping the structure very basic and uncomplicated. The team struck the perfect chord behind functionality and simplicity through a tripod-based support structure.

“Adopting a tripod solution,” Teixeira explains, “was key to keeping things stylish, dynamic, and sleek. The bent metal tube adds a sense of continuity by welding only on one side, allowing for this gap to be used as a spot to hang scarfs or other [items]. The metal tube tops can also be used to hang clothes or hats without the need for a hanger.”

The three metal beams function primarily as a spot to keep your hangable items like hats and scarves, while the wooden hull that interlinks the beams offers a safe space to store EDC items like wallets, phones, and keyrings. The central cavity that runs through the wooden hull also provides a secure fastening place to link clothes hangers.