A LEGO-inspired modular indoor garden system doubles up as a fun DIY arrangement

Planterior is a LEGO-inspired indoor garden system that uses LEGO’s building block method to attach modular planters to a wall-mountable base platform.

Since WFH orders were first put in place, we all went looking for ways to make our living spaces feel more like homes. Whether it was a matter of finding a new couch or filling our walls with our favorite pieces of artwork, our ‘temporary’ home offices soon became where we wanted to spend most of our time even outside of work.

Designer: Dasol Jeong

Countless indoor garden designs have also emerged to help enliven our WFH spaces and make them more intimate. One of the latest, a LEGO-inspired indoor garden called Planterior by designer Dasol Jeong merges LEGO’s building blocks with the frame of a bulletin board to create a unique, modular garden system for any WFH space.

Planterior keeps the shape and size of a traditional bulletin board and integrates a gardening system into its structure to bring greenery to any workspace. Describing Planterior’s inspiration in their own words, Dasol notes, “Due to the influence of fine dust and COVID-19, people, who do not have the opportunity to access plants outdoors, are increasingly putting plants into their homes…Home gardening and plant territories are gaining vitality [as a result].”

Using LEGO’s approach to building, each individual planter attaches to the larger board the same way LEGO building blocks are stacked together. Playing into this stacking method, Planterior keeps a modular structure by design, allowing users to create endless configurations for their indoor garden.