Front Stool’s intuitive design allows it to function beyond as an entryway seat

Front Stool Design

When you are an automotive design student, it may feel restrictive to design just vehicles. Perhaps that is what Ji Woong Cha feels, so he decided to work on the Front Stool. He must be interested to see what his design process will come up with. The result is this Front Stool he imagined for a single-person household.

The Korean designer noted the importance of designing for a smaller space. A small household cannot hold many items, so a functional shape is preferred. The Front Stool comes with a modern and intuitive design that fits right at the entrance. It’s more than just a stool as it also works as an umbrella stand and support for when you need to put on or take off your shoes.

Designer: Ji Woong Cha

Front Stool Launch

The Front Stool combines two stools in different materials and thicknesses. The wooden part can either be Walnut or Cypress while the other part made of High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) material comes in four color options—Light Gray, Crimson Red, Blue Green, or Dark Gray. It comes packed in a small rectangular box with separate pieces secured and organized.

Stool + Footrest + Umbrella Stand

The Front Stool is easy to assemble with dowel pins and holes and requires minimal maintenance. We like that you can use the HDPE part or the footrest to put your foot on when you need to tie your shoelaces. The level is not the same height as the stool, so it’s convenient to use. When not in use, you can use the Front Stool to store your shoes or slippers.

Front Stool

Front Stool Example

The designer of the Front Stool is an automotive design student. He has designed several concept cars and motorbikes. This is the first time Ji Woong Cha is sharing his furniture design. However, we believe this won’t be the last as what he just presented shows he has the potential to go beyond designing cars. This young designer should consider this industry for he’s got a knack for intelligent and functional design.

Front Stool Sample

Front Stool Detailed Design

His early sketches show the intuitive design and we see an organized design process. He sees a universal need and works to deliver an intelligent solution. As a result, he was able to make a simple furniture item into something functional, practical, and beautiful at the same time. The Front Stool may be left outside your door and remain in the entryway, but we know it can draw compliments for its unique design.

Front Stool Sktetches

Front Stool Illustration

Front Stool Design Details

Front Stool Colors