Digits On The Side

When it comes to pointing out flaws in the layout of a laptop keyboard, the missing Number Keys on the side is one of the biggest. Since it’s a laptop we are talking about, the solution obviously has to be a compact, portable one. So how about the Key Mouse? A Bluetooth mouse that hides a number pad underneath a retractable hood! Hood down and it’s a curvy grip for the mouse; hood up and you can crunch the numbers; simple!

Designer: Sun Lihui

Key Mouse With Hidden Number Keys by Sun Lihui








  • Duster says:

    I’m on a laptop right now, and I notice your “biggest flaw”. May I point out however, not only is there a perfectly usable row of numbers above the letter keys, there is also the option of turning a portion of them into a more traditionally shaped format. The number pad remains.

    • originalone says:

      The top row of numbers is not a pad and a lot less useful for quick number typing like for a spreadsheet. Secondly, not all computers have your function to change some letters to numbers with a modifier key. I’m on a mac right now and I would kindly welcome this addition if that set of light bars on the front acts as a scroll wheel.

  • Jeremy says:

    Can you purchase this?

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