After Batmobile, blueprints show the Japanese + Italian influence in Bruce Wayne’s Batcycle

Digital artist Ashley Livingstone Thorp (a.k.a. Ash Thorp) has a deep-rooted connection to The Batman movie, designing the intimidating four-wheeled crime-fighting machine of the caped crusader. Matt Reeves was so impressed with the Batmobile blueprint that he went ahead giving the responsibility of creating the Batcycle design for the most anticipated movie of this year. Predictably Ash didn’t disappoint as the Batcycle came out to be truly badass. One that will pop any eyeballs in the vicinity.

The latest Batman movie may not be the best from the franchise, but it sure is a cinematography delight. The automotive community is all praises for the portrayal of the vehicles the Gotham’s protector is riding – the Batmobile in particular. Not far behind is the fresh Batcycle which was not as prominent as the four-wheeled accomplice. Now that the motion picture is screening in theatres, Ash Thorp has shared the raw images of the Batcycle he crafted on Matt’s command.

Designer: Ash Thorpe

On first glance, the two-wheeled café racer configuration seems inspired by the OG muscle cars popular in the 1960s and 1970s. But on closer inspection, the monster has got its DNA derived from other parts of the globe. Yes, we are coming right there where all you automotive fans put your money on. The Batcycle’s extended wheelbase is a spitting image of the custom Suzuki Hayabusa bikes. This by the way helps in high-speed stability to shoot those adrenaline-inducing high-speed chases. The exposed frame is a nod to the Italian origins from the house of Ducati. So, we don’t blame you for the irresistible urge to take this badass crime-fighting machine for a spin in the neighborhood in your daydream.

While going all out rhetoric about his creation, Ash also added the finer details to explain the mechanics of this intimidating beast. The engine is a flat-four with the crankshaft positioned perpendicular to the swingarm. He says in the Instagram post that the idea was to “match the brutal and blunt designs from the Batmobile with a solid rear swingarm that would then connect to an exposed lattice-type frame found in some of my favorite Ducati bikes.”  Just like the Batmobile, the Batcycle’s rugged form is a testament to the fact that Bruce Wayne could in reality have crafted these machines to go with the Batman’s alter ego!