Original blueprints of the Batmobile in Matt Reaves The Batman released by the artist

The original renders of rampant crime-fighting Batmobile crafted by the caped crusader in his geek den, finally revealed by the creative artist Matt Reeves put his money on.

The Batman playing out in theatres is taking the crime-fighting vigilante lovers by the storm. Even more so the Batmobile that Bruce builds in his garage. Director Matt Reeves and production designer James Chinlund took a whole chunk of time deciding the final design of the Batmobile which gets the 69 Dodge Charger as its base. Finally comes out the juggernaut ride loaded with a Tesla drivetrain to make possible the intimidating breathing and blue flame-spitting effect under the hood in the dark of the night. When in the movie the Batmobile starts for the first time in the dark alley, the blue flames glow from within and the headlights come on.

Designer: Ash Thorp

But where did the core design of the car sprout from before it turned into this real-life crime-fighting machine? Matt commissioned digital artist Ash Thorp to create the vision of the Batmobile to be featured in the rollercoaster movie. There were very slight changes in the final modified muscle car-like machine Bruce drives around in the action-packed scenes, but this is the actual creation that we see in the blockbuster movie.

The Batmobile is invincible with its massive steel front bumper designed to ram anything that comes in its path. That huge engine exposed at the rear is the true reflection of the car’s offensive personality – chasing down every bad soul in town. According to Chinlund the muscular beast gets a matching Chevy V8 627 horsepower engine to give it the ultimate kick in adrenaline-induing sequences. To top it off the ride is super agile as it jumps off the ramps, ride on two wheels, and also do burnouts!

Now that the movie is there for all to see Ash Thorp has finally released the original renders of the Batmobile he sent to Reeves. Being comic buff and a die-hard Batman fan himself right since childhood, this was the perfect opportunity for Ash to showcase his design skills, and boy did he do a stellar job. It’s such a high seeing this concept Batmobile come to life and convey a deeper story!