For the Purist

The XXXVI DG doesn’t fold, it has no electric motor, no phone charger or place to put an iPad, it can’t fly and it’s not an amphibious vehicle. It is, however… a bicycle with two wheels, gears, pedals and a frame. It was inspired by the purest form of the bike and simply applies traditional construction with modern materials to maximize the basics of a design that’s worked for over a century. It’s not going to be the fastest, smoothest, or even the most advanced…but it is… TIMELESS!


Frame type: titanium frame + bolted aluminum components
Fork angle : 17.5∞
Front brakes : 200 mm ,1 piston brake caliper
Rear brakes : 200 mm , 2 piston brake caliper
Front rim : 36″ / carbon fiber
Rear rim : 36″ / carbon fiber
28 spokes: 310mm flat spokes / stainless steel
Hubs: 200mm – mono hubs / aluminium
Cassette: single – 13
Cranckset: HammerSchmidt
Overall Length : 2001 mm
Overall Width : 500 mm
Overall Height : 1020 mm
Seat Height (min) : 900 mm
Ground Clearance : 180 mm
Wheelbase : 1140 mm
Weight : 11 kg

Designer: Paolo De Giusti


  • Quintin Smits says:

    It looks almost like the crank/pedal will touch the ground when it’s down. That’s an accident waiting to happen…

    I do like the way the frame is designed, although a short wheelbase like that will make for a very twitchy bike. But you can use that same ‘tubes next to each other’ look with a regular frame geometry. That would be cool.

  • @Quintin
    the geometry of the frame, I mean the biometric dimensions, although the 36 ” wheels, are very close to a standard race bike 28″, and using the Hammerschmidt transmission you have more clearance in comparison to a standard bike.

    thanks Troy and Yanko for the article!

    • Quintin Smits says:

      Sounds like you really put some thought into it, very nice.

      However, I stil feel like the pedal will come much closer to the ground than on ordinary bikes. Now, I’m used to MTBs and I know racing bikes have the bottom bracket a little lower, but still, this looks like it has only one or two cm betwern the pedal and the ground at the lowest point?

      I do love the design though… And I’d really like to ride something with wheels that big…

  • Marcel says:

    Wow that looks fantastic!

    I wouldn’t last 10 minutes on it though. Then someone can pick up what’s left of my lungs and exploded legs.

    But oh, what fun those 10 minutes will be.

    Great work man!

  • Rahul S. says:

    Quintin Smits says is correct.. Pedals are too close to ground which may cause accident. Especially over speed breakers or humps on road. Also here pedal gear is too small. Generally pedal gears are bigger than rear wheel gears. so to cover a large distance we have to pedal less with less effort. It’s simple gear mechanism.

  • @Rahul

    Rahul, this is a 36″ wheels bike,as you know.., if you increase the diameter of the wheels you have to reduce the size of the front gears to preserve a gear ratio that is still possible to use for normal people. the gear look small because the 36″ wheels are huge, but this is a commercial hammerschmidt unit (and inside there is a 2 speed gearbox)

    about the ground clearance, the value is about 180 mm (considering also the front gear) and 245 mm from the center of the crankset, it’s a normal value, for a road race bike the value is around 19 cm (you can find lower or higher values),and this is only a cruiser bike.

    I think that maybe it will be good to insert another image to compare a standard 28 bike with a 36 bike, most of people don’t have a clear idea of how huge is this kind of wheel.

    p.s. Specs are written not just for fun…

  • Tim says:

    Makes sense to me Paolo! Very nice work.

  • Wes says:

    @ Paolo: how is the frame holding up? I mean. is it rigid enough? Are you planning on bringing the concept to the market? Amazing reinterpretation by the way!

  • Etou Nanae says:

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