Swap trendy sunglass frames every day to go with the mood + match styling

The idea of swapping the boring sunglasses with something that can be changed with a new look every day sounds captivating. These customizable sunglasses do exactly that in style!

A pair of glasses adds to your style quotient and most importantly saves you from the burning sun rays or direct glares from surfaces during the daytime. Glasses from trustable brands don’t come cheap, and unless you are a rich brat, you’ll have to stick with one, or at most two sunglasses for a couple of years. That keeps you craving glasses having different tints or frame colors. But then you have no choice but to stick to what you have right now, or go for cheaper knock-offs which can affect your eyesight. That’s a trade-off I’m not willing to make, atleast.

Designer: Nikhil Kapoor and Sujay Samant

The Swap glasses take care of this limitation – giving you the option to sport the sunglasses you want for a particular day or occasion. This goes perfectly with the progressive trends and the dynamically changing preferences of the fast-paced world. The option to customize your look by having a pair of glasses that suit your mood, fit your style and uplift the status quo is the USP of this viable concept. So, basically, we’re talking about a new you every other day without having to burn loads of money on buying differently styled sunglasses that are safe to wear for a longer duration of time.

The idea of this product is quite simple, yet very intriguing for generation Z since it clings on to the notion of “New Frame, New You” each day. The Swap sunglasses come with a simple click-in click-out interaction to make the swap as easy as changing your clothes. The upper and lower half of the sunglass frames can be hooked on to each other in any combination to create custom looks. So can the tinted lenses, depending on the mood.

The package consists of different colored frames, each separated into two halves. So, you could create a sunglass style with two different frame colors or even different colored lenses – who’s stopping you. Pair a translucent lower half of the frame with a matte black upper, and pair them with tinted blue lenses for that dapper look. Or you could go for a classier, all-black frame with a wine hue. For that weekend party, steal the show with patterned multi-color glasses. Boy… I feel sexy already!