Secretlab’s Batman Movie Edition Gaming Chair for your ultimate Batcave has detachable logo on backrest

Gadgets and suits mimicking the Caped Crusader’s on-screen appearance have given Batman aficionados a lot to appreciate through the years. Secretlab on the other side is creating furniture to stylize the superhero’s complex character worthy of DC fan’s Batcave. So, if you’d been searching for the ideal chair to fit into your man cave, Secretlab’s new “The Batman Movie Edition gaming chair” is an ideal pick.

Build on the merits of the award-winning TITAN Evo 2022 chair from the company, the TITAN Evo 2022 The Batman Movie Edition gaming chair is made primarily to celebrate “The Batman” movie screening in theaters. The unique chair is nothing like The Joker Edition or the Dark Knight Edition chairs the company has previously built. Since the Batman chair is designed around the Secretlab’s 2022 series, we can assume it comes with four-way L-ADAPT lumbar support and a headrest pillow. But what really distinguishes the Batman chair is a completely detachable Bat emblem on the backrest.

Designer: Secretlab

This new edition gaming chair from the Secretlab’s DC Collection is designed and idealized to match Robert Pattinson’s armor and style as Batman in the new flick. In addition to the all-black themed look, the chair is upholstered in in-house NEO Hybrid Leatherette and finished in perforated matte leather detailing. While the logo on the front of the backrest seems pretty realistic to pop out from the seat; it’s actually at the back of the chair where a detachable Bat logo is magnetically held in place for additional antics.

Irrespective of the Batman fandom, this gaming chair is nicely detailed to form a statement piece in any superhero fan’s den. It is available for pre-order in three: Small, Regular and XL sizes. We are hopeful it will be available really soon. If you’re interested you can register your interest right away!