A New Form of SLR? Maybe

This new body design by Manuel Prada takes inspiration from ancient telescopic instruments, a commentary on searching for the right picture – that perfect frame. All the mechanics fit inside a barrel optimizing it for one-handed operated. This makes it easier to hold steady removing the need for optical stabilization and even tripods.

Now take issue, I’m an amateur photographer and based on this design I can already point out a few flaws. The best optical quality comes from the least amount of moving parts and this one looks like it has a boatload with all those rings. Part of being an SLR is being able to adapt or create your environment by the use of interchangeable lenses – characteristics this design seems to forgo. Lastly the flash ring around the lens barrel may in theory create even lighting but having a flash that close to the iris only serves to distort the image.

It’s an interesting design that could be fruitful provided the right technologies come along to overcome its shortcomings but until then, SLR’s aren’t going to change in form for a long time.

Designer: Manuel Perez Prada

Above (click for a larger image)