This futuristic watch concept combines the aesthetics of spaceships with the precision of analog mechanics

Space 2081 is a watch concept from Andrey Dalakishvili that combines spaceship aesthetics with analog mechanics.

No matter how it’s worn, a watch is always a statement piece. Wearing a good watch can tie an outfit together or stand out as its own look completely. Russian designer Andrey Dalakishvili looked to monolithic spaceships to source inspiration for his watch design called Space 2081.

Designer: Andrey Dalakishvili

Giving spaceships back their spotlight, Dalakishvili set out to design a watch that encapsulates the futuristic aesthetics and fine-tuned, technical details of spaceships. Space 2081 takes on subtle detailing to hone in on the watch’s futurist look and incorporates an analog display in ode to the mechanical precision of spaceships.

Spurred by the spaceship’s popularity in mass culture, from Hollywood classic films to video games, Dalakishvili scaled-down spacecraft motifs like aerodynamic structuring and rubber coverings to fit around your wrist. The rubber strap is conceived for durability while packing in a whole ton of comfort for everyday use. Coated in army green, the rubber strap instantaneously exudes serious business. The watch face itself is digitally minimal, opting instead for an analog display and inner hardware.

Diagonal etched lines run perpendicular to give the watch face a three-dimensional look, emphasizing the futuristic look of the whole piece. Merging with the diagonal lines, concentric circles define the actual watch clock, which hosts bright green hour and minute hands to compliment the dark green strap and glow in the dark.

Speaking to his choice to maintain the analog nature of the watch, Dalakishvili explains, “Even though we associate space with digital technologies, [the watch] was conceived with analog mechanisms–like a spaceship, it requires precision and filigree in creation and assembly.”