Nooka Dropping Hits Around the World

Wrath on all imitators! Behold a real Nooka wristwatch. Here we’ve got 100% real, accept no substitutes, brand name you can trust, love and devotion produced Nooka watch. It’s a “luxury” digital watch called “ZON.” It’s a world time watch with graph display and number display for time. Note: This post is pre-cursor to our up-and-coming collaboration with Nooka that will ultimately result in a Nooka Giveaway!

First: Don’t get your tube socks in a bundle, I cannot release any details about the giveaway yet. Some things are too wonderful to keep a secret about, and some things even I don’t have the details about.

Second: If you’ll recall, several days ago I published a report on the so-called “Nooka Cuckoo,” and there was an UPROAR about it’s authenticity. You know what it means? People know Nooka.

People know Nooka; they know Nooka is made up of the kind of people that stand for quality. They demanded the real thing! So, that’s what’s going on. The real Nooka is about to release the ZON: 24 time zones, real metal mesh straps, and pixels that pass through the display like sands through the hourglass; (these are the minutes of our lives.) It has a Chronograph, alarm, 37.5 x 45 x 9.2 mm / 22mm wide band, water resistant to 5ATM, and a scrumtrilescent mirrored face.

Designer: Matthew Waldman for NOOKA