Marses Gen1 PC table concept design offers an interactive surface and a vanishing monitor

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Online learning and work from home have tremendously kept people busy the past two years of the pandemic. Of course, millions of people worldwide struggled initially, but after hundreds of hours in front of the computer doing virtual meetings and classes, we are already used to this setup. As they say, it is the New Normal, and we believe the virtual lifestyle will go on because of the numerous advantages.

There are plenty of ways how to improve your home office. We are always on the lookout for solutions, devices, and accessories to make things better for everyone. Those work-from-home designs give us ideas on how to meet different needs. The latest on our radar is the Marses Gen1 Table.

Designers: Aman Yadav, Mrinal Tirkey, Saksham Agarwal, Sonal Dhan, Riya Negi, Era, and Susil


The Marses Gen1 is a concept PC table designed by a team. The designers said this table is the future of desktop PCs. It is not just an office desk but is everything you want in a powerful machine, whether for work, school, business, or gaming.

Marses Computer Table Features

The idea is that the Marses Gen1 features the latest-gen hardware, including a next-generation interactive surface with touchscreen goodness. The table’s surface can be a regular computer keyboard or a piano keyboard when you need to play or score music. It can also be a turntable, but when not in use, the surface turns into a plain desktop that is clean and clutter-free (unless you put other stuff on top).

Marses Table Images

The Marses Gen1 is not like any ordinary PC table. It offers an interactive surface that can follow touch commands. It can also be a work table to draw digitally on the surface. It has a Full HD monitor that is sleek and slim for a minimalist look. When not in use, the monitor can be hidden as it can go inside the main case. The PC table can also charge other mobile devices.

For an immersive audio experience, there are premium speakers with Dolby Atmos. The Marses table goes beyond the clean aesthetics as it is meant to arrive with high-quality specs and offer top-notch computer performance. With hardware customization and premium technical requirements, the possibilities are endless.

Marses Studio Table

Marses Gen1 is only a concept design by students from the Indian Institute of Information Technology. It is one beautiful creation that combines form and function and an intelligent solution to end the clutter on your work table. We know someday something similar will become a reality in the future. But, for now, we will settle on computers, laptops, and tablets getting slimmer and thinner by the day.

Marses PC Table Design

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