This grenade-shaped compact lamp + versatile alarm is an EDC for every backpack

At first look, this accessory would not give off the right vibe, but it has multiple utilities that are well tailored for varied situations. Dubbed Grenade this is your alarm clock, outdoor lamp for camping, and even your productivity-enhancing gadget.

In the current turbulent global situation, words like grenade don’t send the right signal to the readers. But this concept has much more to it than just the explosive name. It’s an everyday carry for your backpack that’ll come in handy anytime during the daily routine or on extended hiking trips or camping escapades. Of course, you can use it for more situations too as they come up.

Designer: Wonjun Jo

Alright, coming straight on to the Grenade outdoor lamp designed for Claymore by Wonjun Jo – it is a small package with big features. The timer on the gadget can be used for setting morning alarms, scheduling tasks, setting up goals, or simply setting up countdown timers for cooking food. The alarm function is quite unique as you go on turning the middle section of the grenade to set the timer limit. The chick accessory can be hung onto wires or any tether to provide ambient lighting inside the tent, outdoor space, or even for your work-from-home desk setup.

Wonjun doesn’t stop at just designing the main product but also gives it a very attractive casing in stainless steel finish to carry along safely. He believes the package is reminiscent of a flower pot with a cactus growing inside. That analogy is a bit hard to comprehend, but then I’ll not be judgemental since that’s the beauty of creativity.

Grenade is designed in a way to hang by the pin which is a cool visual element to keep buyers interested. The form factor is the main selling point here, and I wish this concept design turns into a real product to carry around in my backpack – that’s going to be so bragging-worthy.