Awe-striking Wildlife Observation Decks are designed to look like massive wooden deer

Using a combination of hardwood and bamboo, Thilina Liyanage’s observation deck for Yala National Park in Sri Lanka assumes the shape of a grazing deer, with its majestic form looking larger than life. The deer, complete even with antlers, bend downwards to allow their long necks and antlers to act as staircases. Climb up and you’re treated to a 15ft. high stunning view of the Yala National Park, home to Sri Lankan Elephants, Sri Lankan Leopards, and a host of other wild animals and aquatic birds.

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

The observation decks are well in line with Liyanage’s nature-inspired design ethos. Previously having designed a yacht club in the shape of a manta ray and a beach shack in the shape of a goldfish, Liyanage looks again to an indigenous animal for his observation deck. The national park, located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, is home to the Sambar deer – a large deer with antlers that proved to be the ideal choice for Liyanage. The decks are modeled on the deer’s graceful form, with a solid wooden structure that’s then overlaid with a low-poly mesh-inspired clad which provides the deer’s details and features. The deck features a split staircase that unites at a landing right above the deer’s head. From then, it’s a single staircase that leads to a dual-platform deck that’s big enough for roughly 10 people… although I wouldn’t recommend those kinds of loads on a wooden structure!