We Need This Parking Meter NOW!

It can’t get sexier and easier than the PARKd! Here is a parking meter concept that is easy to operate and simply brilliant. The ensuing video is good enough to explain how it works, but very briefly, the meter accepts credit cards, coins and even syncs with a payment app on a smartphone. Simply key in your time, pay the fare and swiftly get a receipt.


  • Many parking meters only accept coins, forcing the user to buy 2hrs, rather than the 1h20mins they may only need. PARKd allows you to pay for the exact time you need and not the surplus.
  • By smoothly cycling through different payment options, the user is not overwhelmed with concurrent information but is presented with individual options in a calm, timely manner.
  • If the user chooses to pay with coins, the duration of time paid for is highlighted on the listed tariff segments as well as the respective return time.
  • Once selected, the on-screen information is “collapsed” downwards to the ticket slot below.
  • Should the user wish to pay by credit card instead; they can accurately select how long they would like to stay for, what time they plan to return, or how much they would like to spend.
  • All three ways of considering the parking duration are presented together, and manipulated by turning a single dial.
  • Again, the return time is indicated on screen and printed on the ticket.
  • If the user is comfortable with new technology they can decide to pay via Contactless Payment system, selecting the time they wish to stay or the amount they are prepared to pay using their phone.
  • The parking system is able to log the selected parking duration and vehicle registration. This information is then accessible to the parking attendants on his rounds with the list of paid vehicle registration numbers.

Designer: DCA Design International

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0z4Cj_7Xh4 600 451]