3D Projections for Airplane Learning

Winner of the 2011 Gold Design Award of Germany (aka the country’s highest distinction for design, aka the “Design Oscar”) is the following project: Lufthansa Brand Academy 360degree Tower project. This architectural masterpiece was designed by Dan Pearlman, Berlin brand and experience group, and consists of a 360° projection in the tower of Brand Academy. That’s right, a spacial experience consisting of three hundred and sixty degrees of digital projection magic.

With this project, Lufthansa is able to bring their collective knowledge together and present it to 25,000 employees and executive in a fantastic and engaging way. The subject under examination here is the local and global connections of international air traffic – much better with teeny tiny airplanes flying overhead, yes?

Berlin-based interactive firm WHITEvoid is responsible for the 3D visualization for this gigantic project. With this project, students are able to see real-time 3D visualizations of 16,000 daily flights, the entire system of viewing these flights completely interactive. This project is located in Frankfurt Seheim, the Lufthansa Brand Academy offering its employees a floor area of 1,100 sq meeters in which to train. Gorgeous!

Designers: Dan Pearlman design agency