Modular Lighting Has Never Looked So Good!


Lighting comes in a vast and limitless array of forms for a wide plethora of uses. This leads to an abundance of beautifully styled and visually intriguing lighting options, so designing one that stands out can be a real challenge… but the team at SVOYA Studio have managed it!

The Axis light is a beautiful example of how modular and intelligent design can transform a space; each of the rectangular lights can be interchanged, removed or added until the assembly is just as desired, making it far more flexible than a conventional ceiling light. This flexibility is elevated further as the user has control over where the light is to be directed, allowing it to become either an ambient light or task light.

The rectangular lighting modules appear to rest precariously on the edge of the cylindrical centrepiece; the suspense that this creates is incomparable and adds a wonderful and attention-grabbing element of visual intrigue into the product!

Designer: SVOYA Studio