CKIE Product of the week – Portobello Mug


You know how you judge a person for being someone and then that very same person turns out to be pretty awesome and you feel regret? The Portobello Mug’s resonates with that previous sentence, believe me.

At first glance, you’re bound to think, hey, there’s just another white tumbler for your beverage of choice; but NO! That’s where this Clark Kent rips his white shirt to show you his Superman suit underneath! The Portobello Mug isn’t a simple ceramic tumbler! It’s actually a pretty nifty flask. That’s right, it has the ability to keep your drink warmer than usual, even with the liquid exposed to the atmosphere at the top of the mug. The mug has a matte finish that makes it great to hold, a silicone base so it doesn’t slide off any lopsided surface, and a drool-worthy gold lustre pattern that looks like Andy Warhol Vs. the Lunar Calendar.

So… Head down to the CKIE store, grab this mug, and be the coolest person with the hottest drink at your local barista!

Available at: CKIE [Buy it here]