How were these sustainable stools made? By upcycling old bicycles.

My brother is eight-years-old, and unlike me, he is a natural when it comes to biking. Over the summer, he and my family went biking every weekend to break from the monotony of quarantine. Like my brother, many bikers make the max joy out of riding their bikes. However, with every growth spurt, you have to buy a different bike each year to accommodate your changing habits. So, what happens to the older ones – the ones that are no longer being used? You could sell those bikes on Facebook Marketplace/ eBay or any other online market, however, that’s not always an option for old bikes. Sometimes their chains rust, preventing them from being used for their intended purpose. The frame is still in good condition, but it’s not a bike anymore. And so, it gets thrown out.

Instead of creating more waste, the 2 Stools from 1 Bicycle project makes use of what’s already there. It creates a product that everyone can use and would be less inclined to throw away. A stool is like a clothes hanger, it is something that you don’t necessarily think about, but it is a product that adds convenience to your daily life. Also, thanks to the stools’ unique aesthetics, you won’t want to give them away. Usually, stools have a symmetrical structure, but these are different. Their slanted legs create an unusual shape and remind me of the original bike-frames they were taken from. One stool has three legs; the other has four. Similar to my poorly plucked eyebrows, these stools are sisters, not twins. The seat itself is made from recyclable cork, so even though it doesn’t come from the original bike, it is still in line with the project’s sustainability mission.

The concept of this product allows people to take a sentimental object and give it a new life. Don’t give away your bike second-hand or let it gather dust in your garage … repurpose it and continue to make memories.

Designer: Hyemin Kim