PILE Stackable Speaker Concept won’t topple over no matter how high

PILE Stackable Speakers

There’s something about Danish design that makes people stand in attention. Despite the simplicity, every output shows ingenuity, function, and desirability. The PILE Stackable Speaker offers all three—and more.

Francesco Brunetti, Owner and Creative Director at bFRANK Design Studio, knows the importance of having a clutter-free desk. He’s an industrial designer so he knows the need and the ideal solution– maximize space. The stackable speaker concept he made is efficient and smart. You only need to stack the speakers if you want a richer sound.

Designer: Francesco Brunetti

PILE Stackable Speaker Launch

PILE Speaker Concept Yellow

There is no need to get a big and bulky speaker with the PILE Stackable Speaker. Living spaces these days are really getting tinier so the smart use of space is a must. Everything should be efficient, seamless to use, and easy to store.

The PILE speaker concept actually started as a response to a challenge on Instagram. The design presented is compact while offering modularity. This means separate parts make up a whole and more powerful system. In this case, several different units of speakers can be stacked to complete a premium performance speaker system.

PILE Speaker Concept Design

Brunetti described PILE as having a curvy-square shape that appears soft, smooth, and comfortable. Not that you should be feeling comfort from a speaker but the Pile speaker gives off a friendly appearance while on your desk. It’s a modern design that speaks volumes even with minimal elements.

The PILE may probably remind you of those stackable lunch boxes from your childhood. It comes in different colors so it can match your surrounding. Pile several speakers as you wish with small boxers or drawers on your desk.

Concept PILE Stackable Speakers

PILE Speaker Concept Yellow

PILE Speaker Concept Black

The stackable design is useful when you want to add to the sound. The more units stacked, the louder the speaker system can be. There is no word up to how many speakers you can stack but maybe five or six will be enough to give you a fuller sound experience.

You can try more units to stack up. We doubt the pile will fall off because each speaker has a convex top design for modularity, making each unit fixed in place. If you’re only using one speaker, you can use its top to store smaller objects like paperclips or pins to keep the clutter off your work desk.

Concept PILE Stackable Speaker

The Pile speaker’s body is made of matte plastic, which adds a bit of texture to the surface and prevents it from becoming a glossy fingerprint magnet. The main speaker part, on the other hand, is covered by fabric that matches the color of the body, giving it a sense of warmth. At the bottom part on one side, there are three small stacked dots that light up to indicate power and maybe charging status.

Concept PILE Stackable Speaker Designer

Contrary to what others might say that stacking speakers may damage those at the lower part, this PILE Stackable Speaker won’t. Each unit has the same dimension and weight so every speaker will perfectly fit on top of another. Each one is small and light you won’t have a problem with the whole stack toppling over.

PILE Stackable Speaker Concept

PILE Stackable Speaker Concept Design