The world’s fastest modular power station expands to give you infinite eco-friendly power!

If you are an Apple user, you know about the long battle you have with charging your devices from frayed cables to needing a boost just 3 hours after having a fully charged phone. Chargers, in general, need to evolve and be better as our lives become more digitally dependant. EcoFlow R600 is that ray of hope, it is the world’s fastest charging power station that is modular, powerful, and eco-friendly!

Power outages are sudden and last for hours or days even, so one must make sure they have a back up like EcoFlow that can help cook and store food, keep personal gadgets charged for communication and also make sure medical devices are operating. A smarter alternative to the traditional generator, this portable power station is lighter in weight, fume-free and quiet, can be run without being plugged into the wall, and stores power to consume only when needed making it far more efficient. It is also expandable in terms of power output – you can add a battery or connect it with a second EcoFlow to increase its output for heavy-duty work. The USB-C port can support output power up to 100W, which means you could use it to charge your Macbook Pro while the DC 12V port is used to charge appliances like mini PC, projector, Wi-Fi Router or 12V light. EcoFlow is designed to monitor power of each individually connected appliance and device so that they receive the amount that is safe, recommended, and accurate for them.

It is more environmentally friendly to use power stations in addition to them being more efficient and powerful when compared to similar products. The EcoFlow R600 can alone run a 150W refrigerator for up to 4 hours and when coupled with a PRO kit, it can run it for 10 hours in a single charge. The R600 station’s power can be infinitely extended by connecting it to third party deep battery cycles if needed. You can continue to run all personal, kitchen, and recreational devices on the R600 alone because it has multiple ports that are compatible with all your tech needs. To charge when you’re sleeping, simply set it at ‘library’ mode for the least amount of sound disturbance. EcoFlow comes with an integrated app for your smartphone so that you can control the power station remotely too. It reports on the usage of power per device and also lets you know your carbon footprint.

EcoFlow is designed to power multiple appliances included heavy-duty ones effortlessly. Given how much energy it provides, you must think it would take a long time to charge itself too but that is one of the most interesting things about EcoFlow – despite its size and power, it charges itself in just 2 hours only, that is 5x faster than everything currently available in the market. It goes from 0 to 80% in just one hour using the X-Stream Recharge technology! The portable device can be charged using solar power which makes it an essential appliance in your home or emergency kit. Find a life partner that cares about you as much as this power station cares about your devices and the environment.

Designer: EcoFlow

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $349 (14% off). Hurry, only 4/93 left, under 48 hours to go! Raised over $1,809,595!

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $349 (14% off). Hurry, only 4/93 left, under 48 hours to go! Raised over $1,809,595!