Pull Pull Toilet Is So Necessary

It’s high time that we stopped taking our trip to the loo for granted. We expect it to be clean, functional and most of all private. Unfortunately this is not the case in many countries where dignity of privacy is missing. I know of places where girls go to school only because they are promised toilet facilities! The Pull Pull Toilet is a good solution for such places. Sanitation, portability and privacy, all three are a given.


Designer: Haochen He



  • lynn-harold thompson says:

    The toilet design- it’s a wonderful idea. I could be wrong, however, I understand that countries like India, and Philippines, are 2 countries, among many, many countries, that could really use such a product. Are there plans to approach the governments and get this product in place? In India, for example, I
    understand that thousands of people daily go to railroad tracks with a can and relieve themselves, while suffering the humiliation of openly doing this in
    front of passing trains and on lookers. What in the world do young people do? It’s an intolerable situation. And it signals how far all of us have still to
    go to provide common sense tactics to human waste disposal.

  • thanks for your posts


  • Carlton says:

    Wow, I found the designer’s website, hehaochen.com, what a genius

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