COMM is a smart screen concept that makes working from home more efficient

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Working from home has now become more than just a buzzword. It is a reality for millions of people around the world. And that’s still after two years of the pandemic. The reality is not only being lived by employees and businesses but also by students and teachers.

If you are still part of that group that works from home, you have probably built your own home office. In the past two years, you have already found a setup that works for you. But since things can get boring around, it can be a good idea to rotate the furniture around or switch things so you can be more inspired to work.

Designer: Eunjung | Fountain Studio

COMM for Work From Home Design Details

You can update your computer or maybe by a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace. The goal should always be speed and efficiency when it comes to working so in the area of communication, you must find a better way how to send messages across to a different party. The COMM is a concept device that can help people communicate from home. It’s a simpler way to send and receive messages, give feedback, and deliver what needs to be done. The result is increased work efficiency, especially with the angled screen for more comfortable viewing when sitting down.

COMM for Work From Home Design Details

Communication Device for Work from home​​​​​​​

COMM offers a touchscreen display that shows the different functions. The main functions are as follows: sharing information, reporting, expression of emotions, mutual understanding, and idea suggestions. Your home work environment can “feel” more like a real office with this simple device designed by South Korean designed Eunjeong with Fountain Studio.

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You can change the mode of the COMM by rotating the top part. It helps improve creativity and productivity by showing the information you need sans any distraction. Sure, you can use a tablet or a smartphone to help you with work but there is always the temptation to check other apps and websites. Before you know it, you’ve been down the rabbit hole and have forgotten about that deadline, no thanks to your endless scrolling.

COMM for Work From Home Design Details

With the concept communication device, you can set and check your work schedule. You can do a video conference right on the COMM as it can connect straight to another workmate. If there is a scheduled meeting, you can simply turn the icon to be connected to the other person. If you will be away from the computer, you can set your status and your workmates will see ‘Away Mode’ on their respective COMM units.

Communication is more direct now, giving the illusion your co-worker is just at another table, room, or floor. It is still limited but there is no way for you to not reach another person. There’s text, chat, video call, or voice call…and this COMM.

Communication Device for Work from home​​​​​​​

Communication Device for Work from home​​​​​​​

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