Jerk It To Get The Juice

The Shake MP3 player by Kenneth Tay makes use of kinetic energy to keep the batteries charges, similar to modern timepieces. With the hold button switched on, jerk it a few times to get the juice. Yea I just said that. Conversely if you leave the hold switch off, the jerking shaking pauses/plays music.

Designer: Kenneth Tay

Texts from the designer:

An electromagnetic coil is connected to the battery, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy that charges the battery.

The player connects to the computer via USB cable through the headphone jack, facilitating the transfer of songs as well as the conventional method of charging.


  • zippyflounder says:

    umm no, putting a mechanical system in a all electonic device will only drive up cost and provide a point of failure. With the advances in batteries and solar cells this is totaly a waste of time and energy…………….THINK FOR A CHANGE………..

  • @zippyflounder: shut the f*** up jacka**.

    awesome idea. wow it gets better the more i think of it

    • zippyflounder says:

      it appears your taste is ummmmmmmmmm unique….misguided, but unique non the less.

    • Michael says:

      I’m gonna have to agree with zippy on this, for the menial benefits this idea brings, it just adds another element of failure to the already unreliable flash drive mp3 players that exist on the market today.

      • Reece says:

        unreliable? compared to what? geez CD players and hard drive disks are unreliable…flash drives are one of the most reliable memory storing devices as there are no moving parts, maybe you and zippy should think a bit more yourselves…

  • enoo says:

    “similar to modern timepieces” — I think you mean “similar to old timepieces”, I remember my father talking about watches that needed to be moved a little (keeping them on the wrist all day long was enought) to be “charged” (ok, it was just a mechanical stuff, no electricity, but still… 😉 )

    I rather like the idea of being able to charge this player when I want, without the need for another battery, but I’m afraid I’ll have to shake it for 15mn to get 10mn of music.

    • paul says:

      I actually have one of those ‘modern timepieces’ and consider this a great idea.

  • deanween8 says:

    i think that a hummer rechargable flashlight and an mp3 player put together isnt such a great idea. especially when youre jammin to your favorite song and all of a sudden it dies during the chorus and youre playin air guitar. great looking design though, very clean and simple.

  • TH says:

    So, Seiko Kinetic is one of those watches that are recharged by body movement. Of course, the power requirements for a watch are very different from what an MP3 player needs. If the technology exists, why don’t we have players that would recharge while jogging or laying air guitar? I guess because the mechanics would be an expensive and failure-prone addition and would deliver few benefits.

    • paul says:

      Just because we do not yet have something is not a reason for it not to be made. How luddite of you.

      Like, a few years ago, I bet you were the one saying, ooh if dvd players are sooo great, then why doesn’t any one have them. Like vhs is fine.

  • Si Ni says:

    Nicely thought =)

  • Mr. Shake says:

    I`m too lazy to shake it.

  • spuffler says:

    I had a shake type flashlight once; it had 2 cr2025 coin cells between the LED and the switch. Shaking it did little to charge the flashlight.

  • Nuttermonk says:

    Reckon I could go for one. So long as it doesn’t cost a fortune. I tend to shake mine anyway out of frustration when the battery starts to fail on me.

    I don’t know much about the technical sides of these things, but from a consumers point of view, and one who is not a rock, if it charges when you walk I’d fail to find anything better. I adore the choice of shape also, not only cause it speaks of old pocket watches, but the rectangle of the average Mp3 player is incredibly boring.

    Good brain you got there! Be sure to keep it oiled.

  • Drew says:

    I believe that this clever device should be renamed with something not referring to masturbating. Just the name brought me to look at the kinetic recharging mp3 player, not the functionality itself. Kinetic recharging has been done before, but I don’t see it catching trend (at least around where I live).

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