This modern pod-shaped cat litter automatically cleans itself and integrates with a mobile app and Google and Alexa assistants

Looking almost like a slick front-loaded washing machine, the Leo’s Loo Too by Smarty Pear uses a similar rotating chamber to automatically ‘flush’ out your cat’s poo, saving you the trouble of digging away at kitty excrement with a scoop.

The smart pod-shaped litter box is the second in its series, following the orb-like Leo’s Loo. In its second iteration, the Leo’s Loo Too boasts of a smarter design that integrates with a mobile app and supports Google and Alexa voice commands, letting you remotely control your cat litter. The Leo’s Loo Too app also tracks your cat’s toilet activity and its weight, giving you metrics that will help you know if your cat’s got tummy trouble.

Designer: Smarty Pear

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Available in 4 colors, the Leo’s Loo Too sports a modern enclosed design that balances the best of both worlds. Its slick design isn’t the kind you’d want to hide away in your toilet – instead, it fits well into any home’s decor, while the enclosed space means your cat can go about its business with utmost privacy.

After your cat’s gone about its business, the Leo’s Loo Too waits for the waste to clump together before beginning its cleaning cycle. To clean out the cat’s waste, the entire inner chamber rotates a full 360, using gravity and a clever mesh design to sift out and separate the waste from the litter. At the end of one 360° spin, the waste gets sent into the Loo’s waste drawer where it’s collected in a plastic waste bag, while the upper chamber is cleaned and laid down with the litter once again. The entire process happens automatically, and can be controlled/calibrated via a companion smartphone app… The Leo’s Loo Too even boasts integration with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant. At less than 30 decibels, the loo’s cleaning cycle occurs quietly, and the fact that the waste gets separately stored in a hidden chamber means the loo remains odor-free at all times.

The Leo’s Loo Too also comes equipped with features and sensors that make it much more advanced than your average kitty litter tray. A safety system made up of radar, weight sensors and anti-pinch sensors allow your cat to go safely about its business without any risk of injury from moving parts. The weight sensors also log each visit and send weight and activity data to your phone, letting you monitor your cat’s health over time. There’s even an internal UV light in the waste drawer that helps reduce bacteria and odor. Once your cat’s done, Leo’s Loo Too automatically cleans up, separately storing the waste in a plastic-bag-lined hidden chamber. When the waste drawer is full, which is typically about a week in most single cat households, the loo automatically alerts you via a smartphone notification, and all you need to do is take out the bag, discard it in your trash and insert a fresh plastic liner into your Leo’s Loo Too! It doesn’t get more hands-free and convenient than that!

Click Here to Buy Now: $549.99 $664.99 ($115 off with exclusive coupon code ‘YankoDesign’). Hurry, less than 24 hours to go!