iPhone 15 concept includes a scroll wheel alongside the periscope lens and we’re wondering why

iPhone 14 is the next possible iteration of the Apple iPhone that we’d be expecting this year. The upcoming iPhone is likely to land without a notch and an updated body design. Moreover, Touch ID may make a comeback and the camera bump could be evened out. But even months before the iPhone 14 goes official, we are already hearing rumors about the iPhone 15. In fact, designers have taken cues from these leaks and envisioned their idea for the iPhone to appear in 2023.

As Apple gears up for a fruitful new year, iPhone 13 is blowing sales figures for the Cupertino tech giant. Over 40 million units of the iPhone 13 have sold during the holiday season. These sales numbers are elating for Apple since the company continues to struggle with supply chain issues. iPhone 13 wasn’t a radical shift from the redesigned iPhone 12; for the iPhone15 the designers think there is a possibility of the iPhone going portless and may include a magic wheel controller alongside the cameras.

Designer: Antonio ADR De Rosa

Whenever a new iPhone is on the horizon, the design world cannot help but believe that Apple would deliver something groundbreaking to shock us. This is a sentiment devised on the previous experiences where Apple has gone against the tide not only to stay afloat but even swim all clear. iPhone 14 concepts are dime a dozen on the internet, and steadily the hypothetical takes on the iPhone 15, like this one with a strange scroll wheel on the side, are keeping us enthralled.

To get a clear picture of what the speculations are and how they could look on the iPhone 15, this design is a fine example, except for the camera bump, which is likely to be done away within the iPhone 14, so there is a little chance it will appear back in the iPhone slated for 2023. Other than that, the concept is pretty much in line with the rumors currently. Two variants of the iPhone 15 appear in 6.1 and 6.7-inch displays touting an impressive 144Hz screen refresh rate. The phones appear portless on the bottom, which has been Apple’s intention; it has been mulling the possibility of offering iPhones without a port in the future.

The iPhone 15 concept depicts a triple camera module that has a slight bump from the body and comprises a telephoto, wide-angle and a twin periscope camera. The design still uses a very familiar iPhone frame with the classic power button and volume rocker on the left side. The most intriguing feature is the scroll wheel on the right side – the specific purpose of which is anyone guess at the moment – but most likely, given its placement, it has something to do with toggling the periscope lens. But is that sort of hardware something Apple will ever want? We are sure it doesn’t!