This Samsung Mask-Cleaner will disinfect your face-mask with UV-C light

The 0° Clean concept offers a new way to make sure your face-mask is fresh, dry, and sanitized between uses. Created by Jungkwang Hwang as a fan-made concept for Samsung, the 0° Clean is a nifty flat-bed UV-C sanitizer that uses a combination of ultraviolet light and dry air to cleanse and blow-dry your mask. It comes with a detachable cylindrical battery-unit (with a built-in display) that you can easily snap onto the sanitizing flat-bed to power it.

The bed’s space is big enough for almost any flat surgical or cloth mask. Just place the mask in, shut the lid, and switch it on using a button on the side. The UV-C lights neutralize any microorganisms, and the hot air (which blows from the bottom and the sides) dries off any perspiration on the mask, so you can wear it after a few hours knowing that it’s dry and sterile. The circular display can even calculate how much dust and particulate matter is on the mask – so you know when to dispose of your surgical mask or give your cloth mask a thorough wash, so it’s as good as new!

Designer: Jungkwang Hwang