This farmhouse style tiny home is outfitted with solar panels and rainwater collection for off-grid living

This off-grid tiny home on wheels finds space through simplicity with an open-plan interior that’s entirely paneled in wood.

Portuguese carpentry and architecture studio Madeiguincho is known for its catalog of tiny homes, treehouses, interior furnishings, and sculpture work. The team’s latest off-grid tiny home is built atop four wheels that allow residents to take the house with them everywhere they go.

Called Adraga, the tiny home features an array of sustainability elements including solar panels, rainwater collection, and composting garden beds. As part of a larger series of tiny home one wheels, Adraga is home to a retired couple who just want to disconnect from the busyness of the world.

Looking at Adraga from the outside, its unstained pinewood facades invoke simplicity. Defined by a rectangular, flat-roofed silhouette, the team at Madeiguincho found movement through windows and doors. On one end of the tiny home, a single, farmhouse-style door welcomes residents into the home’s subdued bathroom. There, against the soothing backdrop of walnut wood panels, residents can enjoy a semi-outdoor shower atop wooden floor slats.

Then, on the home’s opposite end, a set of expansive, double doors dissolve the barrier between the outdoors and the home’s main living and dining areas. Designed with integrated storage units and multifunctional furniture, the layout of Adraga is designed to optimize the available floor space.

Timber panels of different gradients trace the home’s entire interior, working to separate the different living spaces without walls or partitions. Following the dark wood staircase, residents find a semi-private sleeping space where a king-sized bed awaits.

In addition to the home’s understated, yet spacious interior, the architects behind the project incorporated various off-grid elements. Solar panels line the home’s roof to generate energy for Adraga’s appliances and light fixtures. Then, rainwater collection units supply water for the shower and sink.

In the bathroom, a dry toilet operates without flush water and closes the waste loop. Garden beds are also provided with the design of Adraga, providing the means for the home’s residents to feel free and compost and cultivate their own food.

Designer: Madeiguincho