This bamboo glamping cabin located on a babbling brook has the most picturesque views!

Designed by Sri Lankan architect Thilina Liyanage, the Glamping River Cabin is located in the middle of a lush forest, right above a babbling brook so you get to sleep to the sound of flowing water and wake up to the sun peeking through the trees!

The Glamping Cabin lets you camp in the absolute lap of nature. It isn’t over-the-top luxurious, but it definitely has the best view nature can offer, along with all the free fish you can catch! The cabin takes on an organic shape of a lotus bud (Liyanage’s work definitely leans heavily on bio-inspiration), and has space for a bed on the inside, with open slits in the wall for air and light to come through. Step out and the cabin has its own deck with two chairs and a coffee table, offering the most serene lounging space for a couple of miles!

The river cabin, as its name suggests, is located right in the center of a brook that cuts through the forest. Built on a stone platform, it stays elevated above the water, enough to keep the floor cool without water rushing in. To access the cabin, one needs to cross a wooden bridge.

Liyanage’s cabin exists in two avatars. The overall structure is made from bamboo, while it has the option of being clad either in a translucent fabric or thick hay, letting you choose your privacy level as well as the amount of shade the inside of the cabin gets. My favorite part of the cabin, however, is that deck on the front, which literally offers the best view possible, letting you lounge away with greenery and nature in front of you, and bubbling freshwater from a stream right under you!