This Logitech-inspired mouse comes with a side scrolling wheel we’d definitely want to try

A mouse that you think is already impressive is in your hand! But look back down and see, is it actually impressive: does it feel comfortable, is it lightweight, and does it make the work as convenient and effortless as you’d want? If the answer to all or any of these is not in the affirmative, then spare a thought for Dial.

Inspired by the MX mouse lineup from Logitech, this is a significant design especially if you do graphic design or video editing work, but don’t count out the convenience it would add to your scrolls through the worksheet or multiple lines of code. Now, if the mouse in the hand suddenly feels clumps and cumbersome, Logitech may have you covered. For the design-conscious, however, Dial is the way ahead in its space – with ergonomics, comfort and utility to its credit.

Designer: Ashwin Suresh

Logitech took everything amazing about its interesting genre of wireless mice and stuffed it into a better, more convincing and straight-up impressive package to create the MX mouse. Designer Ashwin Suresh has taken the amazing aspects of MX and transformed it into a much sleeker, more attractive, and of course a re-engineered form factor with a scroll wheel at the back. It is an advanced and precise mouse designed with creatives and an editor in mind. The silhouette is perfectly crafted to fit in the palm of the hand, and help individuals make and create with this ideally crafted mouse having a new thumbwheel.

Staying in line with its idol’s story, the Dial has a reinvented wheel on the back that you can run the thumb over to scroll horizontally. Additionally, the usually scrolling and clicking is top-notch in the Dial. It’s idealized to be quick enough to scroll hundreds of lines in a second and also precise enough to stop at each pixel. The machined steel wheel is easy to use and utterly silent to operate. It can be fine-tuned to be used as a dial with two fingers or the thumb can be used without having to take the palm off the mouse.

Hopefully, like its inspiration, the Dial will be completely customizable for use with every app you use such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Chrome and many more. If you’re torn about the Dial’s utility, it’s easy to say, if this mouse was to see the light of day, none of the other utility mice will stand a chance to match its immaculate design and convenience in use.