Design Digest Vol.17

Oh the lazy days of summer… While many of you are sweating from global warming and counting down the days till the iPhone 3G is set free, or maybe you have a life and are packing a bag for the long holiday weekend here in the US, I have nothing better to do than to deliver this weeks all important, randomly placed, weekly installment of YD’s Design Digest; A compendium of easily digestible design delights from around the inter-webs. This first week in July has some pretty hot items to gaze your wandering eyes on.

Item #1 is a good rule of thumb and pencil. The “Split Ruler” by Japanese designers Cina, is a ruler that neatly houses your pencil for getting things straight and holding your wood.

Item #2 will make you the life of the party at your next trip through airport security. “The Koffski” by Nina Voss is basically a Murse (man-purse) shaped like a gun holster in a vain attempt to butch up the fact that you are walking around with a MURSE!!!

Item #3 is located in the last place you want to be this hot summer, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Trust me, I grew up right down the street in Miami and it is hot as balls during July and August. Luckily this new W Hotel by Clodagh is the coolest thing since Sonny Crocket.

Item #4 takes inspiration from an origami swan. Designer Damian Kozlik dreamed up this polypropylene chair named “Iga” features storage spaces in its arms, perfect for your stuff and other stuff.