This modular chair transforms into a small workspace to adapt to today’s WFH culture

D-Tach is a versatile stool that transforms into a small workspace designed to accommodate today’s mobile work culture.

With each day, our world seems to become more and more mobile. Mobile offices, working from home, and freelance careers are increasing in popularity as we move away from corporate offices. With work culture making such a big shift towards mobile lifestyles, our home offices and furniture should reflect that.

Designer: Andrew Chang

Industrial design student Andrew Chang decided to create a chair that fits the bill. D-Tach is a modular stool design that functions as a traditional office chair, only to disassemble into parts that provide a small working space on the go.

In its initial form, D-Tach comes as a fully intact stool, complete with leather cushions and a backrest. When designing D-Tach, Chang changed the traditional shape of a stool to better fit his stool’s dual function. Describing this choice, Chang explains, “I changed the traditional stool stand into a circular [shaped] stand. This gives the feet more room when using the stand as a table.”

To transform D-Tach into a small workspace, users need only unlock the chair’s stool like they would adjust the height of a traditional office chair. Once the stool’s seat is detached, the small workspace is revealed.

Once disassembled, the seat of D-Tach can be placed on the floor for users to have a cushioned seat and backrest while they work at the table built into D-Tach. Constructed with rich, walnut wood and upholstered with black leather, D-Tach fits into most modern offices.

The addition of a back rest adds an air of sophistication and mid-century modern design to D-Tach’s overall look.

Before reaching D-Tach’s final look, Chang looked to office chair currently on the market for inspiration.