This ultimate picnic mat transforms into a lounger, a stool or a coffee table for convenience and comfort in the outdoors

The coronavirus pandemic pulled the plug on all possible outdoor activities. But now as we get accustomed to the new normal: picnics and camping activities have begun to pick pace once again. Next time you’re heading to the outdoors with family or friends, you can consider replacing your regular picnic mat for the Threefold, which is an adaptable piece of furniture that easily transforms from a regular mat to a lounger, a stool, or a coffee table with simple adjustments to its modules.

There is frankly no dearth of adaptable furniture for picnics, camping, and outdoor events, but the Threefold presents its own use case, courtesy of its incredible versatility and effortless, timesaving flip in form. This is essentially true since the traditional mats we carry to the outdoors are limited in form. The fabric mats would offer more comfort, versus a semi-wooden mat as the Threefold, however, it has limited application. If you’d have realized, it excludes a section of users who cannot sit on the ground from convenience and comfort, compelling you to carry an additional folding chair. The conceptual Threefold outdoor furniture here extends adaptability to each individual’s needs in one useful unit.

Designer: Jonas Finkeldei and Nick Potter

The modular furniture brings to the users a lounger they can lay back on with support, or it can instantly transform into a low stool for the aged who cannot sit cross-legged on the ground. And when you want to keep your food or a board game you’re carrying along, the Threefold can become a sturdy table. A perfect companion for picnics and camping, the Threefold construction is supported by stretchers and is safe and secure to use.

It’s a brainchild of design enthusiasts Jonas and Nick who are by profession wood furniture engineers. They have an impactful design sense, which has been ideally executed to create this lightweight foldable furniture and packs it into a compact square for convenience of transportation. The Threefold prototype they have perfected is made from laminated neoprene with a layer of light plywood sandwiched in between. It can be made available in a wide range of colors to make your outdoor activities more comfortable, versatile, and of course very personal.