This coffee table finds balance in Scandinavian and Japanese design elements for a bold and elegant look

Cloth is a coffee table design from Joao Teixeira that merges Scandinavian functionality with Japanese simplicity for a dynamic, yet balanced look.

The right coffee table can really help break up space in any living room. Plus, coffee tables are like mom’s purse for inside the home—they always have what we’re looking for, even when we don’t know we’re looking for it. Taking to the design movements that know space and the bare essentials best, a new coffee table called Cloth from designer João Teixeira is described as “Japandi,” for its blend of Japanese simplicity and Scandinavian functionality.

Designer: João Texeira

Doing minimalism before it was cool, Japanese and Scandinavian share a lot of common design principles, including a focus on warmth, groundedness, and a subdued color scheme for an overall calming effect. With aim of merging these principles together to design Cloth, Teixeira hoped to find a “balance between boldness and elegance, depending on the angle.”

Characterized by its curved bookstand that works as the table’s centerpiece, the Cloth coffee table’s curvy personality is echoed throughout its build. The bookstand also finds a balance between boldness and elegance, offering a weighty centerpiece that helps ground the coffee table, without dominating the available tablespace.

Featuring softly bold elements like an undulating table edge that mimics the look of a live edge, the Cloth coffee table keeps a dynamic profile without dominating the room. Eager to integrate a sense of durability into the simple build of Cloth, Teixeira hid all of the table’s hardware by using construction processes like press bending for the table plywood elements and CNC-milling for the tabletop.