This jacket designed to survive an apocalypse is made of the same material used to coat the Apollo Mission spacecraft

The Apocalypse Jacket from Vollebak combines polybenzimidazole, para-aramid, and antistatic to create a jacket that’s built to face the threat of global catastrophe.

Surviving an apocalypse could mean anything these days. Whether we picture zombies chasing us down suburban streets or even retreating to our bunkers as asteroids pelt the planet, our survival depends on our doomsday preparation. But how can we be prepared for the end of the world as we know it?

Designer: Vollebak

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Vollebak, a clothing company rooted in science and technology, finds promise in fashion. Launching items like the world’s first Solar-Charged Jacket and even a pair of sweatpants designed to last a lifetime, Vollebak is back with their Apocalypse Jacket. Founded by two brothers, Nick and Steve Tidball, Vollebak uses science and technology to design clothes from the future, for the future.

Built to face the threat of global catastrophe, Vollebak’s Apocalypse Jacket is composed of a fabric that was originally invented by Dr. Marvel, a scientist called on by the Department of Defense to invent a fiber with no melting point. In the face of the Cold War and the Apollo program, Dr. Marvel found that polybenzimidazole (PBI), could offer exceptional thermal and chemical stability.

Used to coat the spacecraft that landed the first humans on the moon in 1972, “PBI retains its integrity after it is exposed to high heat, chemicals, and abrasion – it won’t stiffen and crack, unlike other fire-retardant materials,” as Vollebak puts it. Withstanding temperatures of at least 2,370°F, the Apocalypse Jacket can even survive the same temperature of black lava.

Since its initial development in 1961, PBI has continued to offer the highest tensile strength available in fabrics even when compared with firefighter uniforms. Five times as strong as firefighter uniforms, PBI isn’t the only aspect of the Apocalypse Jacket that will help us survive doomsday.

Lined with 23 pockets, Vollebak designed the Apocalypse Jacket in the likely chance that you’ll have to ditch your survival kit and backpack. Chemical-resistant, fireproof, water-repellent, and almost impossible to tear, the Apocalypse Jacket is built to survive.

With Vollebak’s Apocalypse Jacket, 23 pockets offer plenty of storage space on the run. 

Even in the face of fire, nuclear waste, and human-eating zombies, the Apocalypse Jacket is built to survive. 

Storing most of your personnel in the 23 lined pockets, all you’ll have to carry is your zombie-killing weapons. 

The interior pockets allow you to keep all your Doomsday essentials on you at all times.