Turntable and air purifier merge in one appliance to create a clean ambiance in your home

Imagine, after a long day, you walk into your home and pleasing music (you had preset) begins to play. The air purifier kicks in simultaneously to ensure, no matter how much pollution you have inhaled outside, the air at home is clean, fresh, and welcoming. Designed in form of a turntable, AETHER is a concept that makes this possible.

Clean air is important for lungs and blood circulation. In fact, it is important for our well-being. And since the pandemic has pushed us all into the confines of our homes, we are spending approximately 90 percent of our time indoors. Researches prove that the concentration of certain pollutants is often up to five times more than the typical outdoor air. This means the air we breathe at home, in spite of believing it is the freshest, is not clean.

Designer: Hyunbin Yang

A nice air purifier can help improve the air quality indoors, helping you reduce allergens and other pollutants. But a good air purifier needs to be really powerful to do so and pleasing enough to be placed in any room of the house. Combining the goodness of air purification and music with an aesthetically pleasing form factor, designer Hyunbin Yang has conceived the AETHER. This Bluetooth speaker and air purifier in the shape of a modern turntable can be a centerpiece of disguise no matter where you choose to place it at home.

The speaker is controlled remotely by a smartphone or smart device to play any music you like, well before you set foot into the house. So, the time you have can be spent on other tasks, while the mood of the house is already set. The biggest advantage that the AETHER has over the other air purifiers we have seen in our time is the convenience with which the air filters can be swapped. Here changing the filter is as easy as replacing a vinyl on the turntable.

AETHER, like most gadgets these days, features a USB Type-C port for charging and has two speakers one on either side to deliver handsome audio, you’d want to appreciate. In the middle of this turntable is the air purifier display while a push bar on the frame allows you to toggle the air purification strength. Alongside the volume knob, you have a button to turn off the speaker, when you want to. Though there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make it a valuable air purification device we’d want to vouch for, for now, we are simply floored by the portable design, color combination and of course the idea of combining the two things we need to make the home environment cleaner and lighter.