Bottoms Up! It’s Tap Water

Many of us are finicky about the source of our drinking water; the privileged lot downs Kona Nigari or Evian while the rest of us are happy with any odd brand. Although countries like U.S. and U.K. assure safe water from the kitchen tap, not everyone consumes it. One of the reasons we should be looking at this source is, the amount of waste generated from the bottled water. Efforts have to be made to adopt concepts like the Aqua Mineralis, to sustain and protect our environment.

Crystallized icicles that are made from concentrated mineral water, is the healthy alternative being offered here. Picture yourself pouring purified tap water into the specialized decanter, with the mineral water crystal sitting atop the neck funnel. Trickle by trickle the two mix to tango at the bottom of the pitcher.

The end result: you consume one less plastic bottle and get high on H2O!

Designer: Jenny Lundgren


  • zippyflounder says:

    Naw, I get plenty of minerals from my well water.

  • Long Tran says:

    It’s not the cleanliness I’m worried about. I know my tap is clean. It’s the taste. I HATE that metallic aftertaste. Without resorting to expensive filters, the cheap way is to boil it, fill up a big jug and refrigerator. I swear it tastes like bottled water.

    • zippyflounder says:

      LT, boil it then run it though a coffee filter full of freshly roasted sumatran coffee (I like mine roasted to the color of chocolate) then YOU GOTS SOME GOOD TASTING AQUA.

  • Opersai says:

    I’m not sure the problem with bottled water is entirely because people is worried about safety of tap water. In fact, I bet, for most part it’s not. I think it’s more of for convenience reason. I consume bottled water when I’m not at home, say like school, or out shopping, when I didn’t remember, or didn’t bother, to bring water.

    For at home, if I didn’t want to drink from tap, I can totally buy a big tank of refillable water from market. I don’t know about other people, but least I’m not going to drink from bottled water from home. That’s just waste.

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