This natural air purifier uses a miniature forest to rapidly clean your atmosphere!

Well, if you can’t go to the forest to breathe clean air, how about you bring the forest to your house?? The Briiv is a household terrarium, but more importantly, it’s a fresh take on air-filtration that ditches those HEPA filters and UV lights for something more natural.

Here’s a fact not many people know; HEPA filters aren’t recyclable and they don’t biodegrade. 6000 tonnes of HEPA filters find their way into landfills each year and they take millennia to decompose. While using them in medical equipment and PPE makes sense, the Briiv aims to shift the perception that human-manufactured plastic filters are needed in domestic air purifiers. Unlike artificial HEPA filters, the Briiv uses plants and plant-based filtration systems that are just as effective at tackling air pollution, but need absolutely no maintenance or watering. They generate zero artificial waste, are completely biodegradable and offer a healthy, natural and aesthetic alternative that’s as good as having a mini-forest in your house.

With the design that looks like a cross between a terrarium and an Apple Homepod, the Briiv is a modern-looking air purifier that adds a touch of green to your apartment. The filter comes with a special, sustainably-grown, dried moss on the inside that naturally purifies the air by trapping harmful particles, killing microorganisms, and releasing clean, fresh air. Sitting underneath the moss are multiple bio-filters, including one made from loosely woven coconut fibers, another filter comprising carbon-infused hemp, and a woolen microfiber filter that together combine to filter particles as small as PM 0.3 while also trapping and neutralizing bacteria, molds, and other volatile organic compounds to give you air that’s been freshened naturally, in a filter that’s designed to be the equivalent of as many as 3000 house plants in one device.

The Briiv, ultimately, is a winning combination of nature-inspired design and consumer-tech. The purifier comes with smart-features that let you power it with your voice, allowing you to either use your smart speaker to perform a deep-purification cycle, or use the Briiv’s app to set on and off timers on your phone. A simple 1-hour run-time on the Briiv does the job of a miniature forest, rapidly cleansing the air you breathe by helping trap microparticles, microorganisms, and odors. The Briiv doesn’t need to be watered or kept in the sun, and the replaceable filters can easily be composted instead of being thrown in the trash. It does the job of a well-engineered air-purifier, while all along being bio-friendly and adding a beautiful touch of greenery and nature to your space!

Designers: Sean Sykes & James Whitfield

Click Here to Buy Now: $317 $444 (28% off). Raised over $290,000.

Briiv – World’s Most Sustainable Air Purifier

Powered by NASA technology the Briiv uses 100% renewable and natural materials to filter the air in your home or office environment, creating clean, safe air so you live healthier, sleep better and breathe easier.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Pollutants don’t just come from traffic and factories. Tiny particles and harmful gases are released into your home every time you cook, light candles, use cleaning products and even play with your pets. Briiv helps to remove these so you can enjoy life to its fullest.

How Does Briiv Compare to Using Traditional House Plants?

Plants are amazing, there’s no denying that, however, Briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants. So you can enjoy the benefits of having plants in your home without the hassle.

The Problem with Current Filters

15,000,000 air filters were purchased in 2019 and the filter needs to be replaced every 6-8 months.

Briiv is Designed to Return to the Earth

Using four fully biodegradable filters, Briiv uses the natural micro-structures of moss, coconut, carbon and wool to filter air, the way nature intended. These filters are all plastic free and degrade in a matter of months into harmless soil.

Feel Closer to Nature

Inspired by the British countryside, Briiv uses natural colors, textures and materials to connect you with nature, whilst hidden within, a wealth of features works hard to keep your air clean:

Internet of Things

Optional integration for Alexa and Google Assistant if you’d like to integrate Briiv into your smart home.

Control on the Go

Briiv has a smart, simple app, so you can set timers and turn Briiv off remotely. Briiv is a smart device for a modern home and is compatible with IOS and Android devices.

An intelligent app that tracks your filter usage as it runs, so you don’t have to estimate or worry about when it’s time to change it.

Filter Stages

Moss: Natural dried moss captures large particulate matter like dust and animal dander from the air.

Coconut: The humble coconut provides us with a bounty of uses and its husk traps harmful substances from the air.

Carbon: Activated charcoal pulls odors from the air, so Briiv not only cleans the air, it smell better too.

Sheep: Briiv’s secret weapon. Developed to be used by NASA as air filters in the Orion capsule, this wool filter is as effective as a plastic HEPA filter but its 100% biodegradable.

The wool is sourced from New Zealand, from an amazing breed of sheep called Astino. They are very well cared for and all of our farmers practice safe and humane shearing to keep the sheep happy and healthy.

Briiv wool filters have been scientifically tested by Nelson Labs in the USA, using the following tests:

Particle Filtration Efficiency – Results: Filter captured 99.85% of 0.1um latex particles.
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency – Results: Filter removed 99.99902% of the bacteria.
Cytotoxicity – Results: Test gave a pass.

The manufacturers of the wool have also put together a video using a test rig showing the effectiveness of the wool that can be viewed on Vimeo here.

Briiv will effectively improve the air quality in a 36m² (387ft²) living space in just one hour.

Replacing the Filter

To replace the carbon and wool filters, simply lift off the glass with the coconut filter in place. It’s as simple as that.

Rethinking Plastic

Instead of opting for oil-based plastics, Briiv uses a new bio-plastic derived from elephant grass which is grown where agricultural crops can’t be. This crop captures carbon in the process and fully biodegrades.

This is seen as far superior to recycling as standard plastics can only be reused a few times before so they have to be put to landfills.

The power of the humble coconut. The fibres are from the outer husk of the nut and have been used since ancient times, reformed into a patented structure to make an environmentally friendly filter that easily returns to nature.

Parts that are not biodegradable, such as the glass, can be easily recycled. This leaves only the electrical components. They hope to be able to replace these in the future with more sustainable alternatives when technology allows us to do so in a safe way.

Click Here to Buy Now: $317 $444 (28% off). Raised over $290,000.