A black-clad tiny home rises above the ground on a metal frame

Topol-27 is a prefabricated, modular home clad with a black exterior to provide a cozy retreat from the wild outdoors.

Joining the tiny house movement, Moscow-based Bio Architects has finished work on Topol-27, a prefabricated, modular tiny home designed to “be picked up from the warehouse by the client, installed the same day, and be ready to live.” Comprised of five functional areas, Topol-27 is named after the square meterage it covers. With the aim of maximizing the available living space, Bio Architects fills Topol-27 out with a bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and dressing room.

Designer: Bio Architects

Built entirely offsite, Bio Architect’s prefabricated construction process cut down on the energy otherwise required for the shipping and handling of building material. Once transported to its final location, the home was positioned atop an aboveground metal frame that gives the home a lofty appeal. Walking through the front door, the home’s residents are greeted by the kitchen and dining area that merges seamlessly with the single sleeping space. Then, on the other end of the home, a bathroom and dressing room host all of the amenities needed for comfortable living.

Throughout Topol-27, subdued gray flooring adds to the home’s cozy appeal and durability with wear-resistant and hypoallergenic Forbo Flotex material. Breaking the barrier between the solid oak walls and the outdoors, expansive glass windows run the perimeter of the home. Culminating to a pentagonal window that borders the bed, the largest window of the home replaces an entire wall.

Adding to the environmental benefits of constructing a prefabricated home, Topol-27 is constructed from environmentally friendly and durable materials fit for the wear and tear of daily use. Solid oak and natural oak veneer clad the exterior of Topol-27, and a black metal overcoat gives the tiny home an obscure profile from the outside.

Built entirely offsite, the home’s construction included a spacious outdoor terrace that offers views of the surrounding landscape. While the outdoors offer a rugged backdrop for Topol-27, the home’s interior embraces furnishings that are made from sophisticated, quality materials to provide a comfortable respite from the wild terrain just outside.

Inside, a fireplace is included to heat the entire home and provide heating equipment for cooking. 

Black marble countertops provide the home with an air of sophistication. 

All about function, durability, and comfort, Topol-27’s main bedroom comes with accessible electrical outlets right beside the window wall.