This multifunctional wall organizer comes with modular planters to add some greenery to your WFH office!

Fahredin Kosumi’s Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter is a WFH multi-functional, organizational wall accessory that allows users to organize their office and add some greenery in the process!

Working from home has changed the way we approach interior design. Functionality has never been more important and that means space-saving, multifunctional design pieces have taken center stage. Space-saving designs typically have an organizational edge to them that keeps our heads screwed on right and makes the most of our available living areas.

Designer: Fahredin Kosumi

No matter the size of your living space, multi-use furniture helps to keep both the floor and our minds free from clutter. Adding his own multi-functional, organizational WFH design to the mix, Fahredin Kosumi created a Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter to form a magnetic, modular garden to mount on any vertical surface.

Defined by an assembly system close to LEGO building blocks, Kosumi’s Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter come with base grids that attach to walls with 3M strips, requiring no hardware or tools in the process. Once users form their base grid on their chosen vertical surface, the fun begins. Stocked with over 20 different modules, Kosumi’s Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter come with hangers, magnetic clips, transparent storage containers, planters, and cubbies.

From there, users can choose between different modules, from cork pinboards to planters, and begin adding to their Wall Organizer. Constructed from PAFCAL, Kosumi’s Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter is produced in Japan and is entirely recyclable. PAFCAL is a ground-breaking material that originated in Japan, made from 70% air and 30% water, and allows users to have plants without worrying about watering them.