The DoBox Mini can turn your iPad/iPhone into a full-feature computer… with ports!

I doubt Tim Cook or Steve Jobs would have envisioned the need for such a product only because iOS is, in itself, designed to be used for mobile tasks… but the iOS devices we carry around today are undoubtedly extremely powerful. On the hardware front, the iPad Pro is as hardcore as an Xbox One, and the iPhone has the processor speed of a low-end laptop… so it’s fair to say that their mobile operating system sort of limits their abilities. The DoBox Mini lets you overcome that.

This small aluminum box, roughly the size of a power-bank, unleashes your smart device’s true abilities. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network via a cable, and to your smart device via an app… and that’s where the magic begins. The DoBox Mini now turns your iOS device into a powerhouse of sorts. Ports on the DoBox Mini become ports you can use with your iOS device. You can plug a USB Mouse, Keyboard, an HDMI-connected display, or even a USB Drive or SD Card, and they all become accessible via your smartphone or tablet.

All the control lies within the DoBox app. You can connect devices, share data, store data, and even stream movies to an external display like a television. The ability to connect a USB mouse and keyboard to your iPhone or iPad literally gives you the laptop experience, and yes, you get a cursor that you can use within the DoBox app (with a universal iOS cursor feature coming with iOS 13)! The app also comes with its own native desktop-style browser that you can control with your newly connected mouse and keyboard, giving you the unleashed desktop-style web experience on your mobile device. Want to push the desktop-style experience further? The DoBox Mini gives you unprecedented power by allowing you to control your Macbook or iMac remotely, on your smartphone. It mirrors your Macintosh device’s screen onto your phone or tablet display, allowing you to perform power-tasks on your handheld device from no matter where you are. Additionally, you can offload most of your data on the DoBox Mini by plugging an SD Card or USB Drive in, saving you space on your phone and money on an iCloud upgrade. You’ll also be incredibly happy to know that the DoBox Mini even packs an aux input to let you wirelessly connect your wired speakers to your smartphone or tablet!

iOS devices were designed to help users accomplish mobile tasks. The fact that the iPhone has now become such a powerful machine is probably attributed to how ubiquitous phones have become, and it just means that your hand-held device is now capable of being your full-time workstation… its only limitation being the Operating System. Steve Jobs and Tim Cook didn’t envision the birth of a product like the DoBox Mini because they just wanted to create the best smartphones and tablets the world had ever seen. The DoBox Mini also makes them the best computers the world has ever seen!

Designer: Mate Molnar of DoBox.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $149 (33% Off). Hurry, only 3/120 left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $149 (33% Off). Hurry, only 3/120 left!