KeyPing Grandma Satisfied

The project you are about to behold is called “KeyPing Touch” and it’s made for people who wish to keep an eye on everyone all at once without being overly intrusive or big-brotherish. But I tell you what. There’s no real way to keep an eye on everyone all at once without being totally intrusive… so says I and mine. For all you other people out there, the ones who aren’t bothered by their friend/relative/mate’s unwillingness or inability to “cut the umbilical” -this is a fun little gadget for you!

Hello, grandma, if you’re reading, cut it out! This project isn’t real yet! Unless they’re really really quick on the draw, it won’t be ready for Christmas!

For everyone else, take a peek! It’s the much more physical version of Facebook/Twitter stalking, this time using GPS! It’s called KeyPing Touch because it runs on a system of keys. Each key is kept by the person who also has a board. Each person who has a board is connected to everyone else who has a board who has mutually agreed with that person to connect boards. Location of each person is shown relative to the amount of light that shines on their personal knob on the board.

So! You’ve got a board full of knobs, knobs that are also magnets, holding pictures of the people they represent. As their key moves closer or further away from their own board, usually located at their own home, the light gets brighter or dimmer.

Kinda fun, huh?

BONUS each knob has a button that’s the equivalent of a Facebook “poke” – be cautious using this, some people get poke-mad when they don’t get poked back when they poke!

Designers: Mariska Rooth, Robert Leufkens & Tristan Weevers


KeyPing Touch by Mariska Rooth, Robert Leufkens, and Tristan Weevers