This height-adjustable desk works across the ages – from school to work life!

McKinsey’s research on the impact of work from home post covid says, “To determine how extensively remote work might persist after the pandemic, we analyzed its potential across more than 2,000 tasks used in some 800 occupations in the eight focus countries. Considering only remote work that can be done without a loss of productivity, we find that about 20 to 25 percent of the workforces in advanced economies could work from home between three and five days a week.” Based on this report, online teaching will remain the norm ever since the pandemic hit our lives, and the trend seems to carry on. Keeping this in mind, designer Lei Wang has created an ergonomic study desk that grows with the child – fitting perfectly in the set of requirements for different phases of life. The adjustable desk looks inspired by the AT-ST (All-Terrain Scout) Walker, with its walking stance emulated in the desk’s legs.

Lei has christened the ergonomic work table as Venus Study Desk, and the furniture piece is good enough for early school days and up to University level studies. The free height adjustment system and a unique desk tilting mechanism allow the desk to grow with your child. The cool-looking desk employs turbo worm technology to actuate the free height adjustment function of the table. So, the user can precisely adjust the height according to the requirement without even moving a muscle. Similarly, the tabletop tilt can be changed just with a light pull – courtesy of the gas spring adjustment.

Under the tabletop, there is a drawer to keep all the essentials in an organized fashion. The back of the tabletop sports a multifunctional desktop box that holds a wireless charging module to keep the devices juiced. The intuitive design of the Venus desk has ample space to hide all the cables from plain sight, which is a tremendous advantage for ones with a multi-monitor setup and other peripherals. In totality, the desk is ideal for kids, students, and even professionals who fancy customizable aesthetics – definitely, an excellent investment to up your productivity for years to come.

Designer: Lei Wang