A sleek, automatic pour-over coffee machine designed to fit right on your desk as you WFH

The Brewster DCM5000 is a single-cup, automatic pour-over machine designed for those who WFH to have a compact, easy-to-use coffee machine.

Access to a cup of quality coffee is essential if you work from home. Nothing can beat our go-to coffee order from our favorite barista, but we can try and get close to it in our kitchen. Whether you’ve got the taste for an espresso, latte, or just a cup of joe, having the right coffee brewer makes or breaks the morning. For those who tend towards pour-overs first thing, a team of designers, Abishek Sen, Tanvi Supe, and Vanshika Singhi, conceptualized the Brewster DCM5000, an automatic, one-cup pour-over machine.

Designers: Abishek Sen, Tanvi Supe, and Vanshika Singhi

Designed especially for those of us who work from home, the Brewster DCM5000 is compact and highly technical to limit the mess of making coffee and make it easier to use. The team of India-based designers conceptualized the Brewster DCM5000 as a coffee maker that could be placed on a desk without taking up too much space.

Downsized to fit in any workspace, the Brewster DCM5000’s bulkiest part is the 250ml water tank. Even so, the Brewster DCM5000 features a rear cavity that holds the water tank in place, cutting its width in half. In addition to its compact size, the designers wanted to ensure that users could select the number of cups they’d like brewed, the strength of their coffee, and enjoy an automatic circular pour-over mechanism.

To brew a pour-over cup of coffee, users can pull out Brewster DCM5000’s water reservoir and fill it with fresh water, place their mug beneath the filter and filter cone before selecting the brewing process. Then, the freshwater is pumped towards a tubular heating element that heats up the water to pour over the coffee grinds. The automatic circular pour-over mechanism then works to evenly distribute hot water over the filter cone to make a single cup of steaming hot coffee.

Following periods of ideating and CAD modeling, the team of designers finalized the Brewster DCM5000’s look and technical design.

The Brewster DCM5000’s packaging is eco-friendly by design.