This Bluetooth speaker with rotating bar in the center assures three-dimensional experience

Wireless speakers are ubiquitous thanks to multiple reasons playing in their favor: size, portability, and looks. Despite their size, portable Bluetooth speakers are now capable of reproducing sound that’s as accurate as those bulky and space-consuming ones in the past. These speakers are narrower, smaller, and slimmer, and many companies/designers are making them more versatile by toiling with their utility.

A case in point is the WhirlWave, a Bluetooth speaker designed to let the user control produced sound direction by rotating the speaker bar in the center. Made for those who crave a truly immersive experience not possible with the speakers configured to produce sound one-way, the WhirlWave can allow the user(s) to enjoy an acoustically complete three-dimensional experience.

Designer: Semin Park

Like most of the other speakers designed for one-way sound, Park thought of working on a speaker that would not limit the delivery of sound because of the design. The WhirlWave born from this ideology allows the user to have full control over the direction of the sound. The rotating speaker arm in the center can swivel like the hands of a clock from a cross orientation to 12 o’clock position.

When the speaker system is aligned as a cross, the three speakers – two on each end of the horizontal bar, and one at the bottom of the vertical support bar – spread the sound around for an immersive surround sound experience. As soon as you align the speaker’s horizontal bar vertically to the already existing support bar, you get the three speakers firing in a straight line for a more personalized sound experience.

The WhirlWave speaker features Bluetooth and power buttons on the back. Just below lies the USB-C Type charging slot, which allows juicing up the speaker using fast charging. What you can play with this Bluetooth speaker is not limited to what you play on a connected mobile device. Interestingly, the speaker is integrated with support for Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming apps. The top panel display of the speaker displays the streaming service currently playing. The display can also double as a digital clock for the bedside.