DIY music box design lets users compose their own nostalgic melodies in three simple steps

The Make Your Own Music Box is a music box design from Kikkerland Design that lets users compose their own melodies for the music box to play.

There’s nothing quite so nostalgic as a music box. One look inside grandma’s old jewelry box that plays “Over The Rainbow,” or even at big coin-operated music boxes in train stations and bars can bring us back before our time. Music boxes have been around for centuries, but they’ve managed to hold onto their charm. Since 1922, Kikkerland Design has been producing toys and memorabilia to fascinate the masses and bring us back to simpler times. Today, they’ve released a music box that allows users to compose their own tune.

Designer: Kikkerland Design

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Kikkerland Design’s Make Your Own Music Box Kit comes with everything you might need to compose your own tune and listen back to it. Complete with strips of lined music paper, each user has the opportunity to make their own music by hole punching the music paper with melodies and harmonies for the music box to capture and reproduce. Describing the process, Kikkerland design notes, “The easy to use Music Box hole puncher allows you to create your own melodies on lined paper strips and play them on the mechanism provided.”

To help get the ball rolling, Kikkerland Design provides the sheet music for “Happy Birthday,” allowing users to get a feel for what melodies look and sound like on the sheet music and music box. Along with that, the Make Your Own Music Box comes with a music box hole punch, sheet music strips, and a music box mechanism that works together to play newly composed music. Users simply hole punch a sheet music strip with a melody and insert the strip into the music box before winding it up and hearing it in real-time.