ArkHaus lets you spend luxurious days aboard a sustainable floating mansion

One of my dreams is to be able to temporarily live somewhere near the ocean or any body of water. It would be ideal to actually be in the water but a yacht or cruise is not really that conducive to what I have in mind which is to have a place to lounge in with an amazing view but also be able to work when needed. So what if it was a house that could stand in the middle of water but still have all the conveniences I would need? Of course, that’s a dream for someone like me.

Designers: Sam Payrovi & Nathalie Paiva

But for those who could afford to be a member of exclusive social clubs, that will actually be a reality soon. ArkHaus is a livable, multi-story luxury yacht that will be floating in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. It is the first solar-powered floating mansion with solar awnings paired with an electric propulsion and also has a rainwater harvesting system to make it a sustainable, 4,350 square feet yacht. The materials used to build it are probably not that eco-friendly so we can’t really call it a green floating house.

The ArkHaus looks like it’s really floating on the water but it actually has four hydraulic spuds that raises it out of the water so it will still be stable and not be impacted so much by the waves. It also has smart monitoring and maneuvering controls for easier cruising through the waters and that cruising is pretty silent because of the electric propulsion. The architecture of the yacht itself speaks of comfort, luxury, and convenience.

These floating luxury villas have pretty spacious decks so if you feel like sunbathing while looking at the view of the city or the water, you can do so there. It also has a saltwater pool in case you prefer swimming there instead of in the bay. You can also spend some time in the rooftop lounge where you can work, have a drink with friends, or just stare at your majestic view. Inside you have bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen, all with a view of your surroundings.


The ArkHaus will be finished sometime in the fourth quarter of this year and will be available for accredited and non-credited investors of the social club. There will be four luxury villas with a pool in the middle, so if you have other rich friends, you can spend a few days together there. Meanwhile, I’ll be here, just dreaming about it while watching the video.